"Who Else Wants To Know The Facts To Great Health That Your Doctors Haven't Told You?"

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Hi My Name Is Dr. Bruce Hagen and I Want to Reveal To You The Facts To Optimal Health & Many Answers To The Misconceptions That You Have Been Told Your Whole Life!


In This Book, "How to Live to be 100 in Spite of Your Doctor" You will Learn...


        The Nutrients & Procedures That Prevent Heart Attacks, Strokes and Lower Your

           Cholesterol Naturally!


         Incredible Answers & Insights To Save Thousands On Your Medical Bills!


         Which Back Problems Can Be Solved Without Surgery!

         Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking Two Aspirin!




"Dr. Hagen sets a high and informed bar for those of us who, while aware of the benefits of western medicine for intervention in cases of acute illness and trauma, are wary of the risks and limitations involved in a visit to an allopathic physician.  “How to Live to 100 In Spite of Your Doctor” is a message that needs to be delivered to an American public that generally overestimates the benefits and underestimates the risks of allopathic care.  As a former member of the Mayo Foundation Board of Trustees and CEO of Mayo/St. Mary’s Hospital, I appreciate Dr. Hagen’s capacity to provide advice from a natural and alternative perspective.  Readers should incorporate his wisdom into their healthcare decision making.  It will increase their chances of living to 100."


Michael Myers, Associate Professor, University of South Dakota School of Law.



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